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Why do I love Pico-8?


Writing games is a double edged sword. On one hand gamers consume games and pay money for them, making game development something that can make you wealthy if done correctly. Nowadays there are huge efforts from triple A game studios to make games well, and profitably. It’s getting more and more difficult for an independent developer to make any money from games. On the other side of the...

Demaking R-Type in Pico-8: Part 1


I’ve been tinkering with this classic shoot-em-up in Pico-8 between other larger projects and I think I’ve made some progress worth showing. The entire game is based around my 2D vector work and code from the vector editing tool here at Due to size restrictions, I’ve decided to use sprites too and scale them with the vectors, because I found my vector data was filling the cart...

De-make Idea – Jet Set Willy For Pico8


I was experimenting with the jumping mechanics and graphics from the Speccy classic Jet Set Willy and I came up with this, based on the¬†advanced micro platformer by¬†@matthughson Some day I may come back and finish this one with some levels design, and if i’m very lucky, I might just be able to figure out how to handle the code for the bloody stairs. If you want to play with the cart then...

PicoBreed Breakdown #002 – Auto Tiles


The PicoBreed game uses auto-tiles. You place a single tile as a trigger on the map editor and this function takes care of placing the correct tiles. It’s called once in the _init(). The function takes advantage of the ‘flags’ that can be set inside the pico8 editor. each sprite can have a set of flags set. When we detect this flag, we know that this tile is a candidate to be...

PicoBreed Breakdown #001 It’s full of stars


The star field in the background One of the first things I did was make a star field. I wanted to give the impression of a ship in space always moving. In the game the ship you enter is at warp moving to the right. In the game you start at the ‘back’ in the shuttle bay and work your way forwards to the boss encounter. There are a set number of stars. 100 in fact. They go off the left...

Game Breakdown – PicoBreed for Pico8


Part 1 – Starting from the top Game concept and basic ideas A fun little top down shooter The basic concept of this Pico8 game is a top down shooter. People may recognise the genre as it was made famous by alien breed on the amiga. This game had ideas pilfered from the movie aliens and was limited by the computer hardware, just like this pico8 de-make. Based on Alien Breed The Classic Amiga...

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